Now that you’re here,


Are you here due to curiosity about the clever name —-Horse Sense For A Change?

Or,  you know us and wanted  to see what Gracie and I are up to!

Maybe you know someone who you think needs ‘help’.     

Or,   maybe you  have been quietly stewing over a concern that has shaken your world!   On you go…. The load gets heavier…and

heavier!   One day.. things…. start falling apart.    Your relationships….your health….your success and happiness  are….l i k e

unraveling!    Money issues get more complicated because you have not been on your game… Everything is getting harder!  and


Oops, I am getting on a roll and carried away!   Sounds like a scary movie.

But, life can feel like that at times can’t it?

Caught Me!

Back to business… I am passionate about the belief that  when one is ready to make changes,     most

anything is possible!

Whatever your reason for being here, thank you for dropping in.   Please read on to see what we are all about.

(I promise, I am not this silly all the time!  When it is time to get down to business, we do!)

I’ll have to think about that!



HI…I am CHARLOTTE  O’BANNON,  and the babe just over there is my partner,  GRACIE!

Together we are Horse Sense For A Change Psychotherapy Services.

Both of us have many years of experience working with a varied population, including

individuals, couples, and families.   Plus,  I have considerable experience working with

members  of our military and others who have been traumatized by life.

It is the latter work that won’t let me retire!                                                                                                                                          


FEES:  Lets get the ‘details’ out of the way now!               They  are :

1)  If you make contact to get a feel for how I operate and what it might entail, this first call is free.

2)  If you call back to begin the process,  this 2nd call will be an intake,  usually taking about 1 1/2hrs.  (so bring lunch)

and will cost  $175.00.           The remaining sessions will be  $95.00 each.

I have rarely gone beyond 10 sessions total  to alleviate the stress and pain from very serious issues and memories!

This is why I love the  EMDR  modality,  and I won’t say any more as many other parts of my site talk about this.


So, this gives you an idea what the total  investment might be,  and I do,   at the moment at least,  have credit card

capabilities.    I no longer accept insurance!   If you feel you can’t afford this,  call me anyway.  I will see if

something  can be worked out.  And, at least presently, I accept credit card payments.


Another clarification about what I have been saying.   You may have understood that I am talking about ‘phone

and/or skype therapy!   Some of you may have known me when I had an office.  I gave that up for this:   Actually, mine is more  cool…

I intended it for ‘a traveling around the community office’  but I  doubt I end up doing

that.   For those who  may call who are somewhat local,  I could meet in some areas of


So think about it!  Contact that someone you know who could benefit from our services

and have them call me.       If it is YOU who has decided to call for more information,

GREAT!   I welcome you all,  as   does GRACIE.    Isn’t she cute, and no,

she is not driving!    That would be me.

Cruzing where it is COOL

So, What's on your mind?

Do any of the issues below apply to you, and if so, are you aware how they have affected your relationships — relationships with loved ones, family, employers, and yourself!  How do you feel about yourself?   Proud?  Loving?  Ashamed?  Angry?  Hurt? And the list goes on.  When the  things of life happen, and they do, and these things along with all the emotion and feeling tied to these things are not processed, we will carry them to our graves!  True, there bitty things and big things. We all have them.  For many of us they are HUGE!




A ‘blaring’ example of such concerns is of someone who has been abused– either emotionally, physically, or sexually. If these behaviors have never been processed, the negative cycle keeps on. We stuff them, avoid them, deny them, defend them, etc. The result can be self criticism & blame, which is part of the making for very low self esteem; instability in relationships; negative communication patterns; hurtful habits such as addictions, mental health issues, etc. Here is where we come in because you ‘may’ have had nagging urges to seek help! There is an old saying that fits here…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink! And another.. Better late than never! So….. if this sounds like you, and you are ready for change, let’s get started!