Now that you’re here,    how can we help?

Are you here—due to curiosity?

Or, you know someone else who ‘should get help’ working on some concerns!

Or, you have been quietly stewing over something that has shaken you to the core?

Hi!  I am Charlotte O’Bannon and, usually with my labradoodle ‘helper’ Gracie, I believe we can assist in  ‘lightening your load’.   It is as simple as you talk, I listen, and Gracie helps us both stay calm!  All joking aside, I take my profession very seriously and love what I do.  Thank you for coming to my beautiful website!   I hope you might consider me as a psychotherapist in the event you want to see someone.  My resume is available if interested.



So, What's on your mind?

Do any of these issues apply to you, and if so, are you aware how they have affected your relationships — relationships with friends and family, employers, and yourself! By this, I mean how do you feel about yourself? Are you proud of yourself?  A ‘blaring’ example of such concerns is of someone who has been abused– either emotionally, physically, or sexually. If these behaviors have never been processed, the negative cycle keeps on. We stuff them, avoid them, deny them, defend them, etc. The result can be self criticism & blame, which is part of the making for very low self esteem; instability in relationships; negative communication patterns; hurtful habits such as addictions, mental health issues, etc. Here is where we come in because you ‘may’ have had nagging urges to seek help! There is an old saying that fits here…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink! And another.. Better late than never! So….. if this sounds like you, and you are ready for change, let’s get started!