MS. O’Bannon & Gracie

Why ‘Horse Sense’?

Occasionally I get asked what does ‘horse sense’ mean, or have anything to do with therapy? I explain it means common sense, practicality. ‘For a Change’ implies bringing about change in a practical way!

My Approach

Over the years many theoretical belief systems/processes have been used. Of these I have found “Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing” (EMDR) to be the most beneficial for my clients. It is like magic! Plus it is a quicker process for getting to one’s goal. I am passionate about this modality. The Veterans Assn. rates it one of the two best ways to treat PTSD!

Issues very responsive to EMDR: Anxiety, including PTSD and trauma; Depression, loss and grief; Addictions—drug, gambling, gaming, sex, porn and other internet concerns; Pain, especially headache treatment.

How to reach me

Call me. Skype me. If Possible a personal session might be arranged. CALL! Yes, it is phenomenal that this process of change works well via phone. You can call me any time, but I will respond only during normal business hours!

My phone #’s: 520-589-4071 or 520-260-2174