MS. O’Bannon & Gracie
“I have a head full of images and memories that I just can’t stand.” EMDR therapy via phone... one hour per session, once a week, for about two months... saved me. I had experienced horrible events throughout 2 1⁄2 years in which my mother battled bone marrow failure. When she AND Dad died, within six days, I was devastated. I worked daily to recover from my grief. After a severe meltdown nine months into this hard, hard process, I contacted Ms. Charlotte O'Bannon, a professional grief therapist. She described the mysterious though quite promising emerging use of EMDR to help people live better with terrible memories of traumatic experiences. So that I could remain in the haven of my home, Ms. O'Bannon offered to treat me over a series of phone conversations. After only a few weeks working with her, once weekly, I was no longer crippled by memories of Mother’s ordeal. Now, nearly four years later, I remain fully functional when remembering or even describing the specific events that had previously tortured and disabled me. EMDR, and Ms. O'Bannon, saved me. Literally. Rebecca D. Knowles, Ph.D. Biologist
Charlotte O’Bannon has helped me tremendously in the past six years. We have worked on many issues with the most important being my marriage. Charlotte always brought the focus back on me and taught me that my biggest problems were created myself and only I had the power to change myself. No one could ever do it for me. I’m eternally grateful for your patience and understanding. Thanks again for all you do. It just makes good Horse Sense. Jeffery R. Taylor
Ms. O’Bannon was professional, understanding, and helpful during our EMDR sessions. Using EMDR therapy (in a trusting environment) she effectively helped me deal with long-standing issues from the past, i.e. self-blame and guilt to name a few of the feelings. Concentrating on the eye movement allowed me to talk and accept and move beyond the issues and begin the healing process. Anonymous